“I am so not your bunny”

At work yesterday came the annoyance that happens every few months.  I was actually outside someone’s house, on the steps, taking a call from work.  This was a crime scene I might add, and there were police everywhere.


Now I know almost all the police in this city and they know me.  There aren’t a lot of girls who do my job.  Yes, I had my id on but I had my sweatshirt over it as well.  I was cold.


Enter new cop:


He looks me up and down and radios something to someone.  Then he walks over to me.  “Excuse me,” says Officer Krupke, “Can I help you with anything?”


“Nope,” I say, hand over phone, “I am good.  Just calling the office”


“Well,” officer krupke continues, “you aren’t allowed to be here sweetheart.  This is a crime scene.  I need you to go back behind the line over there.”


I am dumbfounded again.


When I just give him a look of sheer stupidity and disgust, about to open my mouth, he literally grabs me by the arm and escorts me away from the scene.  At the same time, he starts lecturing me about “do your parents know where you are?” and “aren’t you supposed to be in school?” 


I find this hilarious.  This actually happens a lot because I don’t look my age at all and who would have a GIRL doing my job?


When he gets me to the police line I turned around and looked at him.  He looked at me.  I then proceeded with my triad, which went something like this:


“Wow.  I forgot how smart the police are.  Thank you so much for helping a little girl like me remember that she shouldn’t be in areas like this.  I mean, I could have seen a dead body or sumtin’ like that! That would have been so gross!  And what if I got some weird body juice on me?  Or blood? Dude! You are SO my hero for protecting me.  I should totally call my mom and dad and tell them how sorry I am I decided to ditch English class. I means, you gots to know that when the po-po are in the neighborhood there is trouble.  Thank you so much.”


Now, paint If you will a picture, as this is going on, detective J****** is coming up behind the cop.  The cop is all smiling because I am SO RELIEVD that a nice guy like him helped poor little me out.



I continued, “I mean, thank you so much!  You are like the coolest guy in the world!  Wait till I tell all my friends about you!…. Oh hey Detective J!  how is life treating you today?”


J responded it was good and asked about Ricky.


As I ducked under the police tape I said, “Well you know Ricky… he’s only the cutest 2 and a half year old ever!  Say J, can you introduce me to the newbie?  The one who obviously thought I was a teenager?”


Needless to say, the cop was embarrassed.


Word to the wise: never assume anyone is younger then you.  Never assume they don’t know what they are doing.  AND NEVER treat them as inferior to you.


But most of all, 40 minutes later when we are leaving, don’t come back to them and say “hey honey, I am so sorry.  Now that I know you’re legal, would you like to get a drink sometime?”




13 Responses to ““I am so not your bunny””

  1. stoat Says:

    You are such a crack up!

  2. Tami Says:

    oh my hell, that was funny!! So… do we have a date? 😉

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    date for what?

    stoat- I try. funny that is. do you have a blog?

  4. Smiling Mom Says:

    He did not!! Well, I’ve known/know my fair share of cops and I should be honest and say that I’m actually not shocked.

    Asked you out. FUNNY!! – flattering- but I hope you said no. 🙂

  5. fog city mommy Says:

    of course I said no. actually, I think I rolled my eyes as josh cracked up. maybe it’s my hot pink cast on the wrist that makes me look young. 😉

  6. Missy Says:

    Bwahahahaha! That is awesome.

    That was pretty ballsy/stupid of him to ask you out after that hilarious shut-down.

  7. Farrell Says:

    I get crap like that all the time because i look young too. i would have loved to see the look on that detective’s face!

  8. karina Says:


  9. City Girl Says:


    Totally knew he’d hit on you. LOL.

    Every male member of my family is in law enforcement. LMAO

    Honey, just wait until you’re 40 like this old lady. I’d have licked that cop’s face for thinking I was a teenager. LOL

    Excellent post. :o)

  10. stoat Says:

    Nope, no blog. My life is far less interesting than yours and I’m not nearly as funny as you.

  11. Carrie Says:


  12. mom2amara Says:

    Love it! Men are such idiots! My job is similar to yours in that people talk to me as if I don’t know the law and treat me like I’m out of my element and they try to pull the wool over my eyes. I LOVE being able to make them look like dumbasses.

  13. Dory Says:

    oh no he DIH-ENT!!!

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