What to do? it’s open for a bloggy debate!

The great debate has begun: blogher 08


It’s here in my town.


It’s here in my land.


It’s really fucking expensive when you are a single mom.


Now, I really want to go.  I REALLY want to go.  But can I really drop 330 bucks when the car needs a tune up?  When I am looking to buy a house (hahahahahahahahaha….)?  When I JUST got out of debt?


Doesn’t it seem a bit… I don’t know… frivolous?


But I so want to meet and mingle.  Ricky rocked the house at the last blog event I went to.  (And even if I don’t go my home is still open to people who need a place to crash..)  But holy shit that’s a lot of money!!


Let the debate begin: should FCM attend blogher 08, which would make sense because SF has to be represented in da’ house!  Or should she be practical? 




6 Responses to “What to do? it’s open for a bloggy debate!”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    If you can swing the cost, I say GO!

    It’s looking bad for me because the cost to fly out there will mean giving up an arm and a leg.

    But the women at BlogHer are phenomenal. And you would totally rock it with them.

  2. Missy Says:

    Duh, yes.

    Debate over.

  3. Average Jane Says:

    I think you should go! If you volunteer at the event, I think they waive some or all of the registration fee. If that isn’t practical, why not just put up a Paypal donation link and ask your readers to help you get there?

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    wow. do people really set up paypal donations? I mean, I REALLY want to go. but then again the car REALLY needs a new belt, oil and the 70 thousand mile tune up and since i skipped the 60K tune up, i better get this one done…

  5. Tami Says:

    I’m voting for the donation PayPal. Dude, FCM MUST attend!!!

  6. Smiling Mom Says:

    Ask for it for your birthday! 🙂

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