In which FCM wonders “what I really want to know is who is the gimp?”

** bonus points to anyone who can name where the quote is from**

I love my job. I will admit, however, it’s odd working with former professers. all this shit going on with the asshat (still working on it too) and the gossip runs high in the place. of course, there is Kevin.

I work with Kevin and when I was in school, Kevin was my professer. interesting, eh? Kevin treats me like a daughter at times. I don’t really like that. I was his student over a decade ago, I am an adult. all this shit with asshat he has been giving me advice. on how I can trust no one here. how every one is very two faced. I humor Kevin as he is almost ready to retire (he’s 69 I believe). smile nod. agree. flatter ego. just like in school! however, I noticed something.

If I can’t trust anyone, can I really trust him either?

And to tell you the truth, it’s getting really annoying. REALLY annoying. Other things that have been bugging me at work is that when I walk into the office, I haven’t even sat down and Kevin is bombarding me with questions and comments about the bodies worked on by myself or him. I HAVEN’T EVEN PUT MY PURSE DOWN OR TAKEN OFF MY JACKET. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT Y OU ARE RAMBLING ABOUT!!!

I suppose that everyone has a co-worker like this. Kevin is smart, but he is also very oblivous to the rest of the world. do it his way or it’s wrong. no room for growth… and to tell you the truth, sometimes I just want to turn around and call Kevin on some very obvious facts: 1. he is old. times have changed. there are new and improved ways of doing things. I mean, how many times have I explained to him the computer program for our email system? 2. give me space. I am not your student anymore. and most importantly, 3. if I can’t trust anyway, I can’t trust you either, now can I?


5 Responses to “In which FCM wonders “what I really want to know is who is the gimp?””

  1. Rachel Says:

    It’s from Usual Suspects, right?

  2. fog city mommy Says:

    yes. of course. one of my favorite movies. 🙂

  3. Rachel Says:

    mine, too!

  4. Carrie Says:

    Sounds like Kevin needs to get a life of his own . . .

  5. Siobhan Says:

    I’m starting to think there’s a person like this at every job.. Sounds like this woman Phyl I work with. Being at McDonald’s for 18 years is definitely not something to brag about!

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