It’s official.


I am so tired of asshat and his cronies.


On Monday, I am giving my two weeks notice.  Why?  Because I have better things to do then to be the whipping bitch.  The truth of the matter is this: things may have “improved” with asshat, but his cronies are just as bad.  I am tired of feeling under appreciated and treated like garbage.  If I do something well, it’s questioned.  If something is wrong, it’s questioned.  I am going to begin to wonder if this has anything to do with my age.


I am done being the bitch for everyone to walk over.  Yes I have another job offer.  I was goig to refuse it but I am feeling like I should now take it. 


I have had enough.


I am done.


And do I feel like they are running me out and I am giving them what they want?  Well, after all the BS that has gone on, who wouldn’t feel that way?  But I spent FIFTEEN YEARS with and asshole who treated me the same way that I am being treated at work.  It’s time my backbone grow strong.


  1. Contact union
  2. Quit this bitch



3 Responses to “BIG NEWS”

  1. Tami Says:

    Good for you, Rach.
    I’m a huge supporter of change. Can’t wait for mine, wishing the best on yours.

  2. karina Says:

    good for you, you don’t need to take that, and i think its fantastic you’re not afraid of moving forward. Most people would stay no matter how miserable, just for ‘security’, i think.

  3. mom2amara Says:

    We all stand behind ya honey! Fear should never hold us back of change — so know you have all of us to lean on! Good luck Monday!

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