Genius I tell you!!!

My son is a genius.


I know every parent says that and really means it but so do I.


I grew up smart.  Being smart isn’t quite like being pretty.  If I had my druthers, I would take pretty over smart any day.  But I know that looks fade with time and brains just keep growing. 


Despite my broken sentences, improper grammar, and shitty spelling that fans of the Fog City Mommy blog have become accustom too, I do have a secret.  I actually am a member of Mensa.  I took the test in high school as a joke, but it turns out I passed it.  I took it for real, and passed again.


I don’t brag about the mesna member thing often because it’s not that important to me.  Sure, it looks really excellent on the old resume, but in reality, I don’t care if I am smart or not.  The only thing that really matters in this world is how you treat people.


Ricky, since this is really about him, is a genius.  No really.  He is 21/2 and already he speaks three languages.  Furthermore, in the bathtub he has these little sponges in the shapes of letters and numbers.  I always help him spell things out.  Mom… Bat… Cat… Ricky.  However, this evening, while taking our bath, Ricky spelled something all by himself.


“Mommy loooook!” said Ricky clapping.  I glanced up.  What had Ricky spelled?  It wasn’t cat. Or bat. Or mom.  Or even Ricky.


It was Emc2


Mensa, here we come.


5 Responses to “Genius I tell you!!!”

  1. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    Can he come over here and tutor my kids? They are 3 1/2 and they can’t even manage to poop in the potty.

  2. Smiling Mom Says:

    Fantastic!! I hope you got a picture of that. :=)

  3. Farrell Says:

    very cool!

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    oh hell yes I did. how ever he also spelled the F-word too.


  5. Siobhan Says:

    Holy crap. Way to go, Ricky!

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