Rest in peace

It’s raining again today.  it’s been raining pretty much non-stop for almost a week.  and while he weather has not been as intense as it was a few weeks ago, when trees were knocked over as simply as building blocks in a toddlers path, where the water surpassed the puddle stage and crosses dangerousluy into the flooding stage, making the curbs of the sidewaks disappear into nothingness, just a swamp of a new great lake forming, where the wind creaks the gaint and sturdy oak in you bakyard back and forth, ever so slowly inching closer and closer to your livingroom wnidow, and cackles likea witch in the prossess of blowing jagged icles down your spine so that you have bundled the cat, dog, baby and yourself in the bed farthest from the draft windows.  No, it’s nothing like this.  But it is raining.  It’s steady. Its cold. It’s nonstop.


I went for a little walk in the rain today.  I must have looked like a nut.  I was out of laundry detergent and today, being laundry day; I figured I better go and get some.  I walked down to the local Walgreen’

s, just as the rain began to pick up again.  Most people hunch their shoulders and run by when the weather gets nasty.  Or they crouch together, like mice, under the big leaf of an umbrella and try to stay dry.


I just walk.  I have a sweater, jeans, sneakers and a hat on.  I walk and take it all in.  I watch the people, the cars, and the water flow.  I listen to the music that comes with the whispering rain, the rumble of furnaces, the giggling wind, and the playful splash of tires.  I smell that smell, the one you know I mean, but can never define.  The smell of rain and renewal.  There is something sweet about it.  Maybe that is the bakery, baking hot crossed buns. I feel the raindrops plop on my face as I turn it to the sky to watch the endless gray.  They run down my face to the ground.  It tastes like life and love.


I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it all in.  The sights, sounds… and I thought of Leigh.  


I finally made it.

I made a clean getaway.

And I miss you

I miss you every single day.


2 Responses to “Rest in peace”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Rain. I never use an umbrella anymore. Why?! You always get wet anyway.

  2. Farrell Says:

    that was wonderful.

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