And the winner is….

So what did all of these wonderful sayings have in common?

“I would have crossed a line for you.”

“holy shit, how big is that thing?”

“how did he walk around with that dangling between his legs?”

“the lights are out now…. Sexy.”

“are you seriously gonna eat that?”

“why is this blue? It’s not supposed to be blue!!!”

“killers they reinvent and believe.”

“that’s hot.”

“um… yeah. Um… sure. What the fuck are you saying?”

“cracker please!”

“let me out of this hell when you are around”

“taking all bets on if he’s a natural red head.”

“above all else, the most important thing… don’t fuck it up”

….all were said in a conversation between Josh and I during an autopsy of a man with testicular cancer last week…

And yes, I know I probably threw everyone off with the “cracker please” remark. That was josh picking on me for being white. (my other nickname is snowflake, which is much more preferable if you ask me). Also, two of the quotes in there were Damien Rice lyrics because I was singing in the room while working… which means the winner is….Laura!



(Laura was the only one who caught that some of the quotes were lyrics to a song…)

email me your address and delivered to you is a fancy ceramic Starbuck’s SF/City by the bay Coffee Cup!!!


Thanks for playing everyone.


2 Responses to “And the winner is….”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hey FCM, you meant “Laura” right? I didn’t see any “Lynne” posts on the contest.

  2. Laura Says:

    Stupid moment….

    I should have emailed that rather than put in out for everyone to ready….can you delete? 🙂

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