It was one of those evenings.  One of those wonderful, beautiful moments.

There are these memories I have, where the world makes sense and something beautiful happens.  It’s when you hear the furnaces rumble on in the early haunting of autumn.  When the rain pours down in the middle of the night in the spring.  When the wind howls down the avenues from the beach to the park.

After weeks of rain, cold bone chilling rain, we have had a week here in SF of sunshine.  Last night, while walking to pick up Ricky from his day care, I experienced a moment in my life I don’t think I will ever forget.

I was walking down the street, noting the beautiful pink sky during the sunset, when through the air came wafting the scent of incense.  Faint, light, sweet smelling.  People were coming out of their homes, lighting candles on altars, and welcoming family members.  There was the noise of firecrackers in the distance. Incense began to mingle with the smell of fried wantons.

Happy lunar New Year.


One Response to “memories”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    Right back at ya! Prosperity and love to you in the new year!

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