it’s offical

I am going to have to have my cast on my left hand extended to my elbow. ugh. the main problem here is that when I use a scalpel I use my left hand. this has made life at work very interesting the past few weeks.

I am going to have to go on disabilty now. This actually is pretty good timeing if I must say so because two of my sisters are flying in (Iris, who has been living in “fucking texas!” for the past three years and my older sister, Katie, is coming in from japan.) I guess I will be able to spend time with them.

In the mean time, I am almost off the graveyard rotation. How nice is that? Finally, Rick and I can sleep at the same time.

by the way, coming soon, to a las vegas near you… Rachel and Ricky. Yes, thats right, the Fog City Mom and Boy are on their way as of Wednesday to the bright lights of Las Vegas for a convention. woo hoo!!! I am going to gamble!!!!

when we get back, Sean is taking Ricky to Ireland for a week to visit his granny. She lives in Belfast. Let’s face it, Rick is one travelling little boy!


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