And we are back….

The good news: we came home safe and sound and almost 300 bucks richer! (I allow yself 100 bucks when I am in vegas.  I am pretty damn good at black jack)

The bad news: This morning our dog Wimp had some sort of seizure.  He is at the vet’s overnight but the vet has warned me that it may be time for Wimp to go to that big doggie park in the sky.

The Ugly: Ricky discovered a new food allergy on this trip (almonds)  Hives are so much fun.


2 Responses to “And we are back….”

  1. Noble Pig Says:

    Oh no poor puppy. That’s so difficult. And sorry about the hives, ouch!

  2. adventuremom Says:

    I love black jack too. I don’t play anything else when I gamble.

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