Can’t stop crying.

I miss my pup.

TOnight Ricky and I went down to the Marina to watch the eclipse.  Ricky asked me where whimp was.  I started sobbing.  Ricky just patted my hair and gave me a hug.  he was crying softly too.

any suggestions on how to explain to a three year old that the Wimpster is gone?  We said goodbye at the vet.  He gave him a kiss and after the eclipse we went to barnes and noble and bought Jasper’s  Day, Saying Goodby to Lulu and Dog Heaven.

and I still can’t stop crying.

last thing the little guy needs is a mess of a mother.  maybe it’s a good thing he leaves with his dad for Europe in a few days to visit the O’Dwyer side of his family.  My sisters are flying in a for a bit as well so maybe this is good timing.


3 Responses to “Can’t stop crying.”

  1. Liz Says:

    It does appear to be fine timing, having family around helps. When my family put down our dog (who we had for 10 years, since I was 3) I was a mess for weeks. That wasn’t too long ago and I still get teary. Regardless of what people say–cry all you want, when you want! It’s better to let it out as often as you need than to bottle it up.

  2. Noble Pig Says:

    Oh no that’s so hard, I’m so sorry.

  3. supertiff Says:

    i won’t get into my whole dog-loss story: they’re all terrible and heartbreaking. i’ll just say, i’m sorry for your loss, and i’ll recommend another book for the wee one…’the tenth good thing about barney.’

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