Jennifer’s 37th bday!

What’s the rule on drunk blogging again?

Jennifer went out with me for her 37th bday.  Jennifer is my brother John’s ex (before he realized what we all knew way before he did: he’s gay).  Today she turned 37.  we went out and had a lot of champaigne.  it was really fun to be an adult for once instead of a mom.

before I went out I tried to go to the gym at work and run on the tread mill.  however, running with broken bones and casts sucks 🙂

did I mention I am a little drunk right now?  I miss my doggie 9and my son) but what else can I do?  the seizure ran into a stroke and it’s really quality over qualitiy of life, right?

sigh. good night


One Response to “Jennifer’s 37th bday!”

  1. supertiff Says:

    drunk blogging is the best blogging.
    just ask missy about the silver shoes…

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