Haven’t decided…

but am truely considering getting a kitten.  or a cat.  the reason being is ralphie, my old furball.  he is really missing the wimpster.  this mornign I woke up to find ralphie snuggleing one of wimps chew tows (the one that looks like a ratty old bear).

My vet said that the cat might become depressed and offered me a Rx of PROZAC.  not kidding you either!  I turned him down.  he also suggested another pet for company and excerise for Ralph.  Finding housing in SF is easier without a dog… I was LUCKY to find this little house 2 years ago.  Thank god for rent control but I think we are outgrowing it.

I think I might get a cat.

Katie and Iris show up at the end of the week.  I wonder what Katie has in store for the surprise?

2 Responses to “Haven’t decided…”

  1. Average Jane Says:

    I’m always on board with the idea of more cats! It’s been hard for me to stop at three…

  2. motherofbun Says:

    Awww. A cat sounds great. (I’d love to have one but am allergic.)

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