I some times forget what ricky was like when he was little… Or how my sister has come to stay with me and her daughter.

Heh.  Now I remember.

Daisy, my niece, is adorable.  She’s such a beautiful little lady of 10 weeks.  And John, that would be my new brother in law who’s name I can’t figure out to spell so he said call me john, is very sweet.  Turns out he and Katie met at work.  He is deaf and she has Usher’s syndrome so it’s an interesting pair.  Needless to say, our communication has a lot of writing.

Daisy, both Katie and john are worried about.  There is a 90 percent chance she will be deaf because of the Usher’s syndrome in our family and the deafness in John’s family.  While playing with Daisy, she starts at noises, looks when people laugh and giggles at silly noises.  I tell John and Katie this, they are thrilled of course!

I do have one or two questions though:

1.    Why Daisy?  I think of Daisy Duke and then god awful Jessica Simpson.  Why not something else?  Katie’s response? “It’s easy in Japan and besides mom is named after a flower and so is Iris.”

Ok.  Family tradition.  I can see that.  John went on to tell me that the other names they considered were Snowdrop (because she was born on December 15th), Lily after our mother, Lotus or hibiscus.  Yep, all of a sudden Daisy looks pretty darn good.

2.    Why didn’t you guys bring you baby monitors?  The ones that are designed for the deaf?  That flashes a light when babies are crying? Or attaches to your wrist and vibrates?  Why why why?!?!?!!

Because let me tell you, that girl will be one hell of a singer one day!


6 Responses to “I some times forget what ricky was like when he was little… Or how my sister has come to stay with me and her daughter.”

  1. motherofbun Says:

    I think the name “Daisy” is cute. Sounds like life is more “peaceful” for the deaf parent of an infant. heehee.

    We have one of those alarm clocks for deaf people…. You place this big button under your pillow and it vibrates. Or else you can leave it on a regular alarm which SOUNDS LIKE A DAMN TORNADO SIREN. Very, very loud. Kinda funny. But being that the honey was setting the alarm for 6 a.m. and NOT getting up at 6 a.m. but hitting the snooze button 6 or 7 times each time and I was the one waking up and getting very pissy, well… the deaf alarm clock is a great option. heehee.

  2. City Girl Says:

    I’m lurking, I’m lurking… Just not saying much lately. Was very depressed for a while. Got a new job. Am much happier and Comment-ier now. :o)

    “Daisy” is an adorable name! SO British!

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    really? british? hm. we are polish. dad is japonese.

    It’s cute. it really is. I actually like it even though I am getting the impression people think I hate it from writing about it. It’s just different. 🙂

  4. Liz Says:

    Daisy is a unique name now. (Maybe because of the Simpson connection?) I think it’s adorable, like ‘Syndey’ but sweeter.

  5. City Girl Says:

    You’re Polish? I’m Polish! Well, Polish/German which explains why I’m in a constant state of conflict….

    Dzien Dobry, Sister!

  6. Dory Says:

    I dig “Daisy”.

    My next niece is due March 21. I can’t wait! Her quilt is done and ready to meet her at the hospital!

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