Incoming Iris

Iris is here too.

Now my house is very small.  It’s two bedrooms.  it’s big enough for me and Ricky.  but when you add tow more adult women, a man and a new born?  little smaller.  ok, really much MUCH smaller.

Iris’s reaction to the news of new niece and new brother in law not so well.   Iris is always suspicous of people.  for good reason.  her last boyfriend almost killed her.  we all hate him.  lessons on why you don’t drink and drive right there baby.

This morning, while katie and John and Daisy were blissfully sleeping, we drank coffee and she went off on poor John.  I guess Katie mentioned she was DATING john to Iris, not married.  Iris was pissed to know they were married and never told people.

Iris likes to protect everyone.  it’s sweet.  but I think I might go crazy this visit.

PS I got a postcard from belfast today.  no message, just scribbling.  My little guy sent me a postcard!  credit where it’s due, that was nice of Sean.


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