Confessions of a free woman

What does it mean to be free?  what does it mean to be a woman?  I can admit that I take for granted the freedoms that I have as a woman here in the good ol’ USA.  I am a professional woman, mother, friend, confident.  I read books and watch TV.  if I feel like going to the park on a sunny day I take my son.  I wear short skirts and tank tops.  And although I thrive in my beat up converse sneakers, I wear heels when I want to.  I can wear make up.  I work a job that is historically a “man’s job”.  I cook balanced meals and play soccer and baseball.  I watch sports.  I laugh.  I smile.

Playing this week at the Yoruba Buena Center down town is a documentary that is six hours long about women around the world.  its entitled “flying: confessions of a free woman”.  I highly recommend that you check it out.  the premise is wonderful: take an ordinary woman in America, living her “American dream” and leave it all to talk to women from around world about being a women.

This fascinates me to no end.  other cultures astound me.  Before getting in to health care, I wanted to be an anthropologist.  I wanted to witness these countries where life was like a couldn’t fathom.   Here in this film, our hero does exactly that, with grace, humor, intelligence and wit.

I am thrilled to be seeing this film this week.  I truly hope that other will see it as well.  I’ll be the frizzy brown haired, brown eyed, thick glasses, nerdy girl with the beat up converse sneakers and UCSC purple sweatshirt!

OK, off my soap box


4 Responses to “Confessions of a free woman”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Oh wow!! This sounds great. Maybe I’ll put aside my fear of San Francisco (don’t ask) and head up there with a few girlfriends to see this movie. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  2. A Says:

    It sounds wonderful and I would love to check it out but 6 hours?? You’d better bring snacks…

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    lol. it’s in three hour showings. good point though

  4. motherofbun Says:

    Sounds cool!

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