Post secrets for the week

you know, i used to put up the sunday secrets I can relate to. Now I am just putting up one’s that make me think.It’s the last secret here that really makes me think.


And people say pets don’t understand you…


Come on! Tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing and cracking up!!!


I think that this is true for a lot of my friends now and perhaps even myself at times.

The little man is home in less then 36 hours!!!!!


5 Responses to “Post secrets for the week”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Although the last one is thought provoking, the first one made me laugh. I am guilty of whispering not nice things about family members who have upset me into the cat’s ear. I haven’t really noticed whether or not it has affected the quality of their pet lovin’ or not 🙂

    Suburban Turmoil Blog Hopping Weekend…Virginia

  2. Suburban Turmoil Says:

    Totally agree with number 2. Ha ha! Number 2. Get it?

    Every time I come to visit you, you’ve changed something. Something major. Either your URL or the design or something. What up with that?

  3. City Girl Says:

    Suburban Turmoil beat me to the punch!

    *shakes fist* Damn you!

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    I get bored easy. hence the changes. I kind of like my eyes up top though. makes it seem like I’m watching you. hahahaha

  5. Liz Says:

    The second one just doesn’t get old. It’s too true.

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