I’ve moved.


I moved today.  to my new place.  in the castro. it’s closer to the kid’s preschool.  my little boy, who now insists on being called Rick because of this preschool having three Rickys, has his own bedroom!  and a “big boy” bed!  that’s right!  no more toddler bed for Rick, he’s a big boy now. and he loves jumping on his bed. of course that breaks my heart a little bit.  they grow so fast.


8 Responses to “I’ve moved.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Sorry you’re not out in the hood anymore, but the new place sounds great!
    Good luck!

  2. mom2amara Says:

    Asked to be called Rick?! Next thing you know, he’ll be asking for the car keys!

  3. Siobhan Says:

    You’re back! 🙂

  4. A Says:

    You’re back! Where have you been this last month? I was getting worried!

  5. Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) Says:

    Yay! a new post. And yay for the newly dubbed Rick having a big boy bed. I hope you’re doing well. Moving can be so stressul.

  6. Tami Says:

    Hey, you’re back! I was starting to wonder if I’ll ever hear from you again! I hope you like your new place!

  7. Farrell Says:

    how are you feeling? recovering?

  8. cathy burke Says:

    Congrats on the move. My son now goes by Eric B. because there is one other Erik (I know-not even spelled the same) and he is Asian (mine is only 1/4 Japanese and quite white like myself). I am hoping he doesn’t introduce himself as Eric B. for the rest of his life. Or even when he starts kindergarten in the fall.

    Hope you are feeling better!

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