My mother

My mother is a bit strange.  First of all, she voted for Bush. (yes, I know, WTF?!!)  We don’t always see eye to eye but today she sent me this card.  On the front is this wierd fairy thing.  at first I think she mixed up her kids because faires are Iris’s thing, not mine.  I open it.

“My Rachel,

May you be surrounded with love, blessings, courage and grace and of course humor as you meet the challenges that meet you now and as you move into this part of your  life.  This recent experience will give you insights, compassion and wisdom.  and, just one more, may all your gifts of wisdom, competence and intelligence and hit, help you keep your mind open to the fact that all things are possible.”

wow.  my mom is a poet.

5 Responses to “My mother”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Aw, that is sweet!

  2. Miz BoheMia Says:

    You are BACK! And you MOVED! And you are already writing about your mother and blogging away!

    Are you a real life superwoman??? You amaze me my dear!

    How are you???

    Update us P-LEASE! And hey, let’s see if we can finally meet… much love to you amazing one…

  3. Barbe Saint John Says:


    I’m glad you moved, the Castro is so cool and you don’t have to live next to that freaky neighbor anymore.

    Sorry to hear about the recent physical ailment, you have had a HELL of a time the past 12 months, dang!

    May the next month be SMOOTH and drama/sickness/bad juju free.


  4. motherofbun Says:

    Wow. What a lovely message. Awww. You have a great mom.

  5. adventuremom Says:

    I am so glad you are back and healthy again! BTW, I am lurking and commenting 🙂

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