hell? no, just SF

As things slowly progress back to normal in my life (but really is normal one should ask?) we are hit with a heat wave.  Not just any heat wave, but in this woman’s humble opinion, the mother of all heat waves.  This morning, while walking out the door to get Rick to pre-school, I noted it was warm.  when I got into my car, the thermamoter gauge read eighty one.

EIGHTY ONE!  at 8:30 in the morning!!!  This is not going to be a good day.

and it wasn’t.

it got up to almost 100.

the power went off at work, so no a/c

power went off at pre-school so we had o go get our children, so they didn’t get heat stroke.

our apartment is on the 4th floor.  the sun shines in it all day.  there is no A/C

it was 97 degrees in the house tonight at 6pm

Ricky and I spent an hour wandering the grocery store for the a/c

we ate ben and jerry’s for dinner

and now, my adorable three year old, is asleep in the bathtub, because it’s cool.

and I am curling up on the floor next to him.

yep.  it is hot.

3 Responses to “hell? no, just SF”

  1. Missy Says:

    Ordinarily, I love a good wave. But without a/c? Not so much. Sending some cooler weather your way.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Ugh, I know, wasn’t it terrible? I felt so gross all day, and my office got hotter and hotter as the day progressed. Glad it’s over (did you SEE the fog yesterday (Sunday)?

  3. Barbe Saint John Says:

    oh it was nuts wasn’t it! all my friends in the midwest were like “just turn up the AC” and I said NO ONE has AC in their apts here cause its never that hot!

    lordy! my Himilayan cat was NOT happy those 3 days, poor furry guy.

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