Welcome to my attempt, and please note it’s an attempt, at blogging month.  this month’s topic is home.

Home.  what does that it mean to me?  I guess it’s a place where you live.  a place where you love.  a place where you feel… at home.

Of course, I was born and raised in SF.  I could say this city is my home.  I was born at French Hospital (which no longer exists) and grew up in the Marina and have lived all over the city.  Currently I am in the Castro (or according to some right wing freaks, “the abyss of america”).  it’s almost home.  but not really.

I think the Mission was my favorite place to live.  I lived there with my ex for almost 10 years.  The culture is great, the food is good and life was fun.  But it’s no place to live with a child.

I guess we will continue later.  Rick just woke up and is calling me.



2 Responses to “Home.”

  1. SF MOm of One Says:

    I loved living in Bernal Heights for the first 10 years. Then I got sick of our breaking-down house and sick of the hills and the DOGS (and their shit.) We sold our house and moved to a rental “somewhat ironically named” (daughters term) Sunnyside. A lot less shit and sirens and such. But also less sun and more wind. It set us up for the big move: out of California later this month.

    So your post on home is timely for me. Little bit more reflection. Thanks

  2. James Says:

    Thanks for your writing about home. Being a Southerner that lives in San Francisco’s Castro district, the only thing that I wish was that people would actually talk more with each other on the streets of SF. You know, about the weather and nothing or anything. Such talk in our commons makes the world safer and more human.

    Please check out my article on the recent CA Supremes’ decision to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage at my blog, Jimboland Jots, at


    Thanks and keep on writing – it gets easier and more fun! Since we both use WordPress, let me know if you’d like to hear of some of the FUN things I found for our blogging platform – or just poke around on my blog.


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