Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.

Robert Frost has a point in the quote above.  I have several homes if that is true.  All my siblings (all 7 of them) have homes around the world.  does this mean I am home in Prague, Tokyo, Manhattan, Austin, Reno, Chicago, and London?  Sure.  I am always welcome to visit the family.

my friends are around the world as well.  does this mean I am home with them?  of course.

But I really feel like SF is my home.  I have been here for over 30 years (except for a brief stint in Santa Cruz in the early 90s).  I admit the sounds of the Muni trains at night buzzing by the house relaxes me.  It’s the familiar smell of the salty ocean and the crack of the baseball bats.  It’s the clanging of the cable car’s bells.  The rumble of the earthquakes. the creeping fog.  All of this brings me comfort.

Speaking of my siblings, you know there is trouble when the phone rings very early in the morning and you note on your caller ID that it’s the 800 video realy service calling you.  It means one of your Usher’s syndrome siblings are trying to get a hold of you.

This happened early this morning (and by early I mean about 730am on my day off with the little boy next to me.)  I always fret.  My siblings KNOW not to call before 830 because Rick sleeps in.  I pick up:


“Hello this is interpreter 5930 calling on behalf of John Zander.  I have-”

“I know how this works.  John, why are you calling so early?  who died?”

There is a pause.  I can hear the swish of the interpreters hands as she signs via video relay to John, in NY.

“No one’s dead.  Sorry, I was just too excited.” comes the reply via interpreter 5930

“What’s going on?”

more silence.

“Matt and I bought a house in Berkeley.”

“Since when do you want to live in California again?”

“Since Matt proposed to me and California made it ok!!”

Yep, My 43 year old brother is marrying his partner of 23 years.  and I have never been happier for them.

I guess John found his home in Matt.  We should all be so lucky.



4 Responses to “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    That’s beautiful! Congrats to you and your family! And welcome back to blog land… you were missed.

  2. supertiff Says:

    that’s very special news.

    i let missy know already, but i’m totally free all day and night on wed and thurs.

  3. slosydney Says:

    Yay!! Congratulations to your brother and hooray for California for making it happen. It’s about time! Now if only Australia and the other US states would follow suit…

  4. Dory Says:

    That gave me goosebumps!

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