I am home. you’re my home.

Back to my rant about my mother…

Like I said, i love my mom but she is a little out of touch.  But she came from Oakley to watch Rick while I was working.  She ven stayed on the couch the past few nights so she wouldn’t have to commute back and forth.  when gas has hit 4.47 a gallon and you live at least 2 hours away, it’s a good thing to stay with your slightly frazzled daughter.

So where am I going with this?  well, the topic this month is about home for nablopomofocodoloto.  and today I realized my home is where ever my rick is.  I came home from work today and not only did he run into my arms, he climbed on me, wrapping his chubby 3 year old legs around my waist, kissed me and hugged me for a solid three minutes.

it was in those moments I felt as though if he could, Rick would have just melted into my body.  its the comfort of knowing your mom is there.  we melded for a few minutes and then Rick went to bed.  I drank a glass of wine with my mom and chatted.

later in the night, I woke up.  I didn’t feel good.  with my current history of health issues, this concerns me.  I slid out of bed.  Rick was asleep in his room, mom dozing on the couch.  I headed to the bathroom, dropped to my knees and promptly threw up.  when I was done retching, I laid down on the cold floor and closed my eyes.  the floor felt good on the sweat that my body was producing.  I had a fever.  I am not sure how long I was laying there but when I opened my eyes, my mom was there in her nightie, with a wet wash cloth and some Tylenol.  She brought me back to my room, tucked me in my bed and took my temp.  it was 101.4.   she laid down next to me and sung me my lullaby from my childhood.  I snuggled next to her, trying to meld with her.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live or what you do for a living.  when you are sick, you want the person who cares for you the most.  for better or for worse, that’s my mom.  and for better or worse for Rick, that’s me.  This is the moment where I realize I know the meaning of being “home.”



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