I haven’t been able to do the whole monthly blog thing. i ended up having to go to a conference in OR. yea. so fun. so thrilling.

Here are some of the highlights:

it was a long day and I was exhausted and still a little sick. All I really wanted to do was curl up in bed with my stuffed animal, write in my diary and have sweet dreams of my little boy, who has strep throat and is stuck with my mother.

however, I still had plans to review, papers to read, and other annoying shit. it was almost midnight when I finally snuggled down next to Stan in bed in our hotel. we were tired and I was almost asleep when I heard it.




My eyes flash open and I look at stan. he’s looking at me grinning. (“I guess someone is liking the porn”). we giggled and waited for the cheesy music to start. but there was the problem right there…. there was no music.

yes, we were listening to some amazing sex. or at least the word “stallion” came up (no pun intended) several times. Along with beast, horny bitch, and “fuck me! Fuck me! FUUUUUCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Also, a lot of slapping noises and squealing.

This is really a weird thing to hear when you are laying in bed with your ex boyfriend.

Oh there is more high lights to come about this trip. Just you wait.


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