the darkest hour is just before dawn

Recently there have been some medical problems with my health.  Heh, just a few.  While I have excellent insurance and worker’s comp that has paid for MOST of the issues and bills that have come from said issues, it has not paid for ALL of the issues.

But credit cards are a wonderful thing when you need to get bills taken care of.  However, I now have a credit card debt of… almost 3K.  I have NEVER had a credit card debt more then maybe 300 bucks.  I don’t like debt.  it’s not pretty. I have never been one to owe anyone any money. I saw friendships in college just get destroyed over money owed.

Needless to say, I have been SLOWLY paying off the credit cards.  Gas here in california is now 4.59 a gallon for the cheap stuff.  4.59!!!  and climbing!  I should have bought a prius instead of a camry.  or maybe a vespa.  but anyway…

today, in the mail… was my salvation.  Oh yes, my economic stimulous check has arrived.  Thank god.  Actually, it turned out the letter announcing that I get a thousand dollars but June 27th arrived.  The darkest hour is here.  I can make it until dawn.



One Response to “the darkest hour is just before dawn”

  1. Shamelessly Sassy Says:

    i got tricked the same way. I ripped open the envelope excitedly, and it was a letter telling me the day it would arrive. grrr.

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