Sipping on gin and juice.

Oh yes, Blogher weekend has come to an end. The women are leaving the city. Estrogen is returning to normal levels in SF.

And boy was it fun. Party crashing. Booze. Fun.

Oh yes, and Booze. Lots of Booze. And the crazy times began with the drop of a bottle of vodka.

I finally met the other Rachel. While we don’t live near each other anymore, per say, we did decide that we needed to represent our town. We needed to set people straight about a few things of being here (“yes, it’s really July.” “Yes this is what the weather is like.” “No we are not lesbians” “yes the Giants do suck” “No the golden gate bridge is not made of gold” etc) Other Rachel and I actually look alike as well. Dark curly hair. ☺

Anyway, we decided that since we are going “gangsta” living here in the city we created a gang sign. There are two of us. That would be Rachel squared baby. So we came up with our sign…

So you watch on the Muni buses for our sign.

Oh yeah, because that’s how we roll here biotches.


2 Responses to “Sipping on gin and juice.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I am flashing you our sign as I type, no easy feat.
    Let’s crash more parties soon!

  2. supertiff Says:

    i keep expecting to wake up in ricky’s bed. weird.
    miss you guys.

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