Fleet week, part II

Fleet week has ended in the city.  As much as I enjoyed the show today, I do have to say thank god.  It’s hard to have a child of almost four relax and nap in the afternoons after not sleeping well the night before when the Blue Angels are practicing over the city.

Rick loved his day at the fleet week celebration.  He jammed to the music, gave high fives to the soldiers, and even pretended to fire his “finger gun”.  Question: where did he learn that?  He has no toy guns in the house and I only let him watch age appropriate movies?  WTF?

Rick loved the stunt plane show.  He was jumping up and down laughing and pointing at the planes as they looped and whirled.  He really didn’t care too much for the blue angels though, which is honestly surprising.  Usually, at least I assumed, that every little boy wants to be the “top gun” sort of plane flyer.  Not my Rick though, he liked the stunt planes.

I bet he’s going to love roller coasters.  I think it will be great next summer to take him down to Santa Cruz to see the boardwalk.  I think he will still be too small for the big roller coaster but I bet he will like to see it.  I love the boardwalk.  I haven’t been to the boardwalk since I was in college in the mid-90s but the nice thing about it is that I know it hasn’t changed because it’s historical significance.

Anyway, it was a fun day with the military and Rick had fun.  And in the end, that’s all that really matters.  That, and I got some awesome photos for my photo album.



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