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Three days and counting…

March 7, 2008

My little guy will be home in three days.


I can’t believe the time has flown so quickly.

god I miss that boy.  Daisy is cute and all, but that boy is my boy!!

Incoming Iris

March 3, 2008

Iris is here too.

Now my house is very small.  It’s two bedrooms.  it’s big enough for me and Ricky.  but when you add tow more adult women, a man and a new born?  little smaller.  ok, really much MUCH smaller.

Iris’s reaction to the news of new niece and new brother in law not so well.   Iris is always suspicous of people.  for good reason.  her last boyfriend almost killed her.  we all hate him.  lessons on why you don’t drink and drive right there baby.

This morning, while katie and John and Daisy were blissfully sleeping, we drank coffee and she went off on poor John.  I guess Katie mentioned she was DATING john to Iris, not married.  Iris was pissed to know they were married and never told people.

Iris likes to protect everyone.  it’s sweet.  but I think I might go crazy this visit.

PS I got a postcard from belfast today.  no message, just scribbling.  My little guy sent me a postcard!  credit where it’s due, that was nice of Sean.

I some times forget what ricky was like when he was little… Or how my sister has come to stay with me and her daughter.

March 2, 2008

Heh.  Now I remember.

Daisy, my niece, is adorable.  She’s such a beautiful little lady of 10 weeks.  And John, that would be my new brother in law who’s name I can’t figure out to spell so he said call me john, is very sweet.  Turns out he and Katie met at work.  He is deaf and she has Usher’s syndrome so it’s an interesting pair.  Needless to say, our communication has a lot of writing.

Daisy, both Katie and john are worried about.  There is a 90 percent chance she will be deaf because of the Usher’s syndrome in our family and the deafness in John’s family.  While playing with Daisy, she starts at noises, looks when people laugh and giggles at silly noises.  I tell John and Katie this, they are thrilled of course!

I do have one or two questions though:

1.    Why Daisy?  I think of Daisy Duke and then god awful Jessica Simpson.  Why not something else?  Katie’s response? “It’s easy in Japan and besides mom is named after a flower and so is Iris.”

Ok.  Family tradition.  I can see that.  John went on to tell me that the other names they considered were Snowdrop (because she was born on December 15th), Lily after our mother, Lotus or hibiscus.  Yep, all of a sudden Daisy looks pretty darn good.

2.    Why didn’t you guys bring you baby monitors?  The ones that are designed for the deaf?  That flashes a light when babies are crying? Or attaches to your wrist and vibrates?  Why why why?!?!?!!

Because let me tell you, that girl will be one hell of a singer one day!

The sisters arrive, part one

March 2, 2008

Siblings.  Oh how they can shock you at times.

I admit that when my older sister Katie said she had a surprise for me I was not exactly thrilled.  I am not a person who is really big on surprises.  And knowing Katie, it’s something weird.

This being said, I picked her up from the airport late Friday night.  I am used to waiting for her to come off the plane.  She walks with a cane because of her sight and it stands out.  It’s hot pink and has eagle feather dangling from it.  I really didn’t expect anything different when I was waiting for her this time either.

Imagine my surprise when she came walking over to where I was with a STROLLER.  Here is Katie, bustled under her jacket and hat with her cane and a stroller.  Instantly I think, “what?  Why?  Huh?”  There is no baby in the stroller.  Is this for Ricky?

Then comes behind her a tall Japanese man, holding a baby!  Katie hugs me and introduces me to her HUSBAND and DAUGHTER.

That clattering noise you just heard was my jaw hitting the ground.

Stay tuned.  Iris arrives next.

It’s too quiet here

February 25, 2008

It’s too quiet.  I feel weird.  I feel like I need to be feeding Rick.  I feel like I need to be doing something that involves elmo.  Or dragon tales.  Or pooh bear.

I feel like I need to be making some healthy meal to eat.  You know, four food groups.  Milk to drink.  Instead I am eating popcorn for dinner and watching TV.  I forgot what it was like to be someone besides a mommy.

Tonight, I took a bath, with  my cast wrapped in a trash bag.  Imagine that, a bath!  With bubble bath that didn’t smell like a stick of chewing gum.  Real ADULT bubble bath.

I read a book!  One I started months and months ago.  I drank wine!

And now I am going to bed!!!  No baby to fuss in the middle of the night!

But my god I miss that boy.


December 7, 2007

My brother Tom  Owen. oh so egotistical.  oh so snobby.  oh so pissed off that he can’t figure out where he is in SF and has been stuck in traffic.  waaahhhhh!!!!   Ironic, that he has to park the car and I have to go pick him up.   


December 5, 2007

It’s cold in SF right now and rainy as well. the fog has come into play with tourists and automobiles. it’s a perfect SF night. and Ricky gave me my moment of sheer laughter and joy tonight while walking home from day care. We live near the golden gate. In fact, I can see it from my house. it’s magestic. it’s giagantic. it’s amazing. when the fog rolls in, it looms out of it like a gaurdian to my lovely city. it protects us.

walking home tonight I was marvling at the sight to my neighbor Elaine (who was with us) when Ricky pointed up and said, “Boob.”

Hmm…. ok then.

“no honey that’s the bridge.”

“BOOB!!!” says my little man, a little more defiantly.

“honey that’s the bridge. it’s big isn’t it?” I say to Ricky, hoping to hell he doesn’t make some sort of Stewie like comment about the size of my rather large tits.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!” Now he is pointing and straining and clapping his hands at the bridge. I look at Elaine. she’s as bewildered as I am. Every minute or so as we walked Ricky chants “boooooob!” and claps with sheer hysterical laughter. I just don’t get it.

All of a sudden it dawns on me what the hell is going on. I come to a complete stop. Elaine had taken a few more steps and paused to look back at me.

“rach, are you coming?”

I ignore her.

“rach, are you ok with–”

“Shhhhh!!!!!” I hush her quiet holding up one finger to her in the typical “hang on a second” fashion. I wait, head cocked like a dog listening.

I hear it.


“booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob!!!!”, cackles ricky clapping his hands.

Much like church bells in my neighborhood, some noises you barely notice after awhile because they are always there. in this case, the fog horns on the bridge. or as ricky calls them?


Almost tragic day

November 24, 2007

Yesterday was Black Friday. I worked. I refused to sit in the freaking lines of shopping malls. good thing too becuase as I was driving the Mystery Machine to pick up a body in burligame, the 280 was BACKED UP because PEOPLE WERE GETTING OFF THE HIGHWAY AND SHOPPING! LITERALLY THE LINE OF CARS TO THE PARKING LOT IN SOUTH SF WENT ON TO THE FUCKING HIGHWAY!!

But I am distracted. Anyway, last night I decided to WALK around with Rickey and MAYBE get him something. I would have to check out the lines first. We went to Ross, where I could get cheap toys. there was no real lines or crowds (quite amazing) so I chose a few things out and went to pay.

when I got to the register, I paid for the toys and reached into the diaper bag to give a fussy Ricky ratty rabbit. (the stealing of gravey only lasted one night… thatnk god!) I put my hand in and reached for the bean baggy plush animal… only to find a sippy cup. I looked over where I was reaching. no rabbit. I pulled out the cup and some diapers because maybe rabbit slipped under. no rabbit. i began frantically unpacking my bag on the counter, rapidlly deciding I wasn’t going fast enough and upturned the whole thing much to the dismay of the cashier.


Rabbit fell out of the diaper back. Ricky looked at me quite expectidly from his stroller. he reached out his arms and said, “Ratrab!” I think to myself, “i’m fucked.” I tell the cashier to hold my bag and Ricky and I went gunning back to the toy store part. Rabbit is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. I am frantic. I am crying. Ricky is looking around on the verge of tears and a tantrum. there is no rabbit.

all of a sudden I look up at the highest shelf. sitting on top of it, blinking down at us is rabbit! Ricky points and screams, “ratrab!!!!” next thing you know I am hurtling children, dodging toys and climbing (literally) to the highest shelf as ricky claps on calling “ratrab!!” Rabbit gets stuffed in my mouth as I propell myself down the great mountain of cheap and discounted toys and crap, as I crawl under other shoppers with huge bags, as I pant and drop ratrab on ricky’s lap.

Ricky promptly blew me a big kiss.

my hair is frizzy, I cut my knee and hit my elbow… but rabbit is home safe snuggling with ricky.

Protected: 20 years now

November 14, 2007

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Protected: Siblings. can’t live with them. can’t live without them.

November 7, 2007

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