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Protected: It’s been a long december and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better then the last…

January 1, 2008

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A fog city christmas

December 24, 2007

EVERYONE!  ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!   on the twelfth day of christmas my true love gave to me…  

Twelve row houses to renovate

eleven 49’s running

ten sixties throwbacks

nine cable cars clanging

eight earthquakes rumbling

seven fog banks creeping

six sour doughs a rising

five golden gate gawkers

four crossing ferries

three brridge spans

two BART trains

and  pigeon

on coit tower!!! 



Happy holidays! 


Rachel & Ricky



The Fog City Family



November 8, 2007

Take pride in your city people!!! Take pride in our glorious beauty! Take pride in our diversity!

Recently, my friend Kathy and I took our sons to the playground they both love so much. Kathy’s son is younger then Ricky, by six months, but he loves it as well. Imagine our dismay, when we arrived, to find our NEWLY REDONE PLAYGROUND… tagged with graffiti.


I HATE PEOPLE IN SF WHO DO THIS SHIT. Kath was just as outraged as I was. It’s sad day when our kids are playing among things like “jenni sucks a good dick” and “fuck you all mother fuckers”

SO… what are we doing about this people? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO SINCE PARKS AND REC OF SF CAN’T SEEM TO GET THEIR ASSES IN GEAR? Kathy and I are going to go down to the playground, after dropping Ricky with his granny and Kathy’s ex picks up her kid, and we are cleaning it up.

Come join us. Take pride in your playground and neighborhoods. November 11th.

Protected: In which we wonder why FCM is a divorcee

October 12, 2007

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Protected: Joss Stone blows my mind… or is it my ear?

September 23, 2007

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booze booze booze

September 15, 2007

hello. my name is rachel. and since my son id visiting his father on the court mandated visit, I am drinking. weee!!!!! and so I just wanted to give a shout out to Lyn, who is reading this. hey baby! I TOTALLY get you now. TOTALLY!!

for those of you who don’t know, Lyn and I went to college together in santa cruz. she had a baby boy when she was 16. I am super impressed over her single mother skills. I hope I can be as cool as she is. I love the perspective she gave me on having a few drinks with Rcky at his dad’s house. I now understand all those nights, drinking shots, sitting on the counter of her kitchen, chatting around and about, while her son slept.


I dont usually do this….

August 12, 2007

I don’t like you-tube. I just don’t. however, that being said…

I love this website. I have sent in more then one secret on serveral occasions. I found this site a few years ago after reading an article on it. I drink my sunday morning coffee and read them when Rick is still asleep. today, he watched this with me. he actaully sat still to do so as well (a miricle in itself!) if you haven’t checked it out before, please do. it’s amazing and awe inspiring!


my ode to the inner/outter sunset playgroup…

August 11, 2007


I sent out an email
just the other day
and was invited to have Ricky
come out and play!

we went to the park,
for the lap sit with bubbles
and there Rick and I had fun
and forgot all our troubles!

we met another rachel
we met another Rick
and then another rick boy
was it a trick?

we blew lots of bubbles
we laughed and made friends
and the day got late
we didn’t want it to end!

so thank you to the group
for letting us join you
on the fogless day
with a sky so blue…

Protected: I want to thank you

August 9, 2007

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The Golden Gate Mom’s Group

August 8, 2007

I know that there are many people out there that have issues with mother’s groups. about a month ago, I realized that Rick spends almost all his time either with me or at day care. at the day care there is one other little boy who speaks only russian. I decided that I needed to do something to take matters into my own hands.

I joined the Golden Gate Mother’s Group.

At first I kind of felt like I was joining a sorority. I paid my yearly dues, I go to events, I even (THANK GOD!) met some really cool and nice moms. Furthermore, Rick now is in playgroups and socializing. This is wonderful. and I am excited.

today, however, was a reality check for me of sorts. I am not going to lie: I barely break even every month. SF is an expensive place to live, there is not a single doubt in my mond about that. I also have always known that ditching Rick’s father was the best thing I could do in my life. even my old friends from back east remark how happy I sound and how much better I look. this is healthy after being with Rick’s father for 10 long years.

however, reality can suck at times. espcially when you are balancing your check book and it hits you when you aren’t expecting it, like a cold wind blowing up the avenues on a clear day or a down right sucker punch to the gut. The cold hard truth is simply this: Rick has outgrown his clothes. he is a right old big boy for 19 months. and, unfortunatly, I have no money to buy him new ones. I make sure that the rent is paid on time, the bills are paid most of the time on time, there is food in the house, rick has pull ups and diaper ointment… he has everything he needs. who cares if I have holes in my clothes that I stich up by myself? that I shop at the good will for almost everything we need? the truth is, I don’t care about any of that. All I know is Rick is taken care of. that’s all that matters.

but when it’s 57 degrees outside and you can’t get your son a sweater or jacket to wear? that is when it kills you.

I am a VERY proud person. this is probably why I work well with the dead. I can’t ask my mother for help, or anyone in my family… they have helped too much as it is. I cna’t ask my friends, they have also helped too much. my co-workers help when they can but even that I am uncomfortable with. I have been on my own, defending myself for so long, I have forgotten the kindness of stranger. in fact, I kind of began to lose faith in humanity.

tonight, I swallowed my pride and humbly posted on the GGMG website/group listing a request for any clothes that people might be willing to part with for cheap or for free.

the response was overwhellming. I am utterly humbled and thankful to “know” such a beautiful group of women who are so eager and willing to help me out. words will never express my deepest gratitude to these complete strangers who have opened up to help Rick and I.


From the deepest place imaginable, I am truely thankful to you all.