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Post secrets for the week

March 9, 2008

you know, i used to put up the sunday secrets I can relate to. Now I am just putting up one’s that make me think.It’s the last secret here that really makes me think.


And people say pets don’t understand you…


Come on! Tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing and cracking up!!!


I think that this is true for a lot of my friends now and perhaps even myself at times.

The little man is home in less then 36 hours!!!!!

My secrets for the week…

February 26, 2008

I thought I was the only one with the crazy stair thing going on…


Sunday Secrets

December 30, 2007



sunday secrets

December 16, 2007


Just when i think I see the the light, I seem to fuck it up again.

“I’ll wake up one night,
in a big empty bed.
my hands grope for the light
my hands grope for my head.
the world is my oyster
the road is my home
and I know that I am better off alone”

Protected: Dear Sean….

December 9, 2007

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Secrets of Sunday (shhh!!! don’t tell!)

December 2, 2007


So many secrets…

November 25, 2007

secrets that I could have written.  scary.  more then one this week. fakingit.jpg goodside.jpg

Sunday Secrets

November 11, 2007

Could be me….


Sunday Secrets

November 4, 2007


Does the morgue count?

November 3, 2007