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So where the hell have I been?

March 16, 2008

It’s kind of interesting when you world may or may not come to an end.  Last week I went and saw that documentry with Smiling Mom.  It was great.  it was loooooooooooong.  I noted that about 4 hours into it my head hurt every time that I looked down.  and I don’t mean when I moved my entire head, I mean just my eyes… if I looked down there was a sharp pain in my sinus cavity area.

ok, I think, I have a cold coming on.  no problem.

two days later, there is a problem.  this isn’t a cold.  I can’t move.  I can’t walk, talk, sit up, surf, drive.  My head feels like it’s going to explode.  I go to the doc.  not a sinus infection. just a viral thing.  ok cool.

yesterday, I can’t get out of bed.  I can’t move without falling over.  the room is spinning (as if drunk but I don’t drink often).  I can’t even crawl.  obviously, there is something wrong.  I went in for a brain scan.

and now I just wait.

and wait

and wait

and wait.

there is something wrong.  but no one knows what.

since it literally took me 45 minutes to type this because I am so dizzy, you see why things are backed up in my world.

and I still chase after my little bunny.



Laundry wars

February 3, 2008

I know that it has been raining non-stop for a few weeks in SF.  I know it’s super bowl Sunday.  I know people are excited for the super bowl and the fact that the sun seems to be peaking out every 10 minutes or so to remind us that it’s still around and not sucked into the vast darkness of the universe. I know all this.  But this still gives no one the right to be a total bitch at the laundry mat.

Case in point, today it’s crowded at the mat.  I struggled with my buggy and heaping mounds of laundry that need to be done while Ricky spends time with his dad.  If you think laundry is hard, try doing it with a precocious toddler on your hands!  I look over through all the washers and find two across from each other.  They are rather small but I can split the laundry between the two of them. I load the first one and put my liquid soap in.  I turn, walk a few steps to the second and load the rest of the laundry into it and add my soap.

While I am looking down and fumbling with my quarters, this lady walks in.  Lady is too nice of a term, however the word bitch is thrown around too often.  Let’s just say she was really, REALLY rude.  She makes an entrance and mumbles about not having enough room for her stuff.

I don’t really pay attention to her until I turn around and note that she has taken all of my DRY clothing with LIQUID SOAP on them out of my first washer and started loading hers.  I walk over and say to her, “Excuse me, I just put my clothing in there.” She rolls her eyes, huffs and pulls her clothes out.  She walks over to my other washer and loudly states, “So what, are you using this one too?”

Um. Yes. I am.  I have a lot of laundry.

She sighs and sits there with her hands on her hips and huffs a bit.  I note that the other washer, right next to mine, was empty.

“Excuse me, that one there is free,” I said sweetly, thinking maybe that when I came over to begin with I was a little rude.

“I THOUGHT you said you were USING this one too,” says rude lady.

“No, I am using the one next to it.  I mistook where you pointed.”

Rude Lady begins loading her laundry.  She has made such a scene that everyone is looking at her and thinking, “what a fucking bitch!”  Another woman was spacing out and watching her.  Rude Lady gets annoyed and snaps at her, “what the hell are you looking at?”

Other lady says nothing.

“I said, why are you staring at me?  What is your issue?  Stop fucking staring at me?”

Other lady says, “I am not looking at you I am waiting for my laundry.  Stop being such a fucking bitch.”

At this point I leave.  I don’t need to see a cat fight.

Bah Humbug

December 23, 2007

Not really feeling the xmas mood. never mind that KOIT radio has been playing fucking Xmas carols non-stop since Thanksgiving day. Just not in the mood.

so here are some of my favorite Xmas ditties for you: Xmas at ground zero

It’s Christmas at ground zero
There’s music in the air
The sleigh bells are ringing and the carolers are singing
While the air raid sirens blareIt’s Christmas at ground zero
The button has been pressed
The radio just let us know
That this is not a test

Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping
It’s the end of all humanity
No more time for last-minute shopping
It’s time to face your final destiny

It’s Christmas at ground zero
There’s panic in the crowd
We can dodge debris while we trim the tree
Underneath the mushroom cloud

You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop
Or Jack Frost on your windowsill
But if someone’s climbing down your chimney
You better load your gun and shoot to kill

It’s Christmas at ground zero
And if the radiation level’s okay
I’ll go out with you and see all the new
Mutations on New Year’s Day

It’s Christmas at ground zero
Just seconds left to go
I’ll duck and cover with my Yuletide lover
Underneath the mistletoe

It’s Christmas at ground zero
Now the missiles are on their way
What a crazy fluke, we’re gonna get nuked
On this jolly holiday

What a crazy fluke, we’re gonna get nuked
On this jolly holiday!”

or how about this one?

Silent Night

Silent night,

Broken night.

All is fallen,

When you take your flight

I found some hate for you,

just for show.

You found some love for me,

thinking I’d go.

Don’t keep me from crying to sleep

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night,

Moonlit night.

Nothing’s changed.

Nothing is right.

I should be stronger then,

weeping alone.

You should be weaker then,

sending me home.

I can’t stop you fighting to sleep.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Or my personal favorite (to the tune of it’s beginning to look a lot like xmas)

I’m beginning to feel a little bankrupt

With every gift I buy

Oh, the credit card companies

Love it so when they see

Me spend more than I’ll earn before I die

I’m beginning to feel a little bankrupt

Bills come every day

But the ugliest sight I see

Is the mortgage rate increase

Four percent to eight

How much I would like to say

Things will all be OK

And soon I’ll be swimming in dough

But payments are due

And soon creditors sue

It’s a cycle don’t you know

And I don’t thing that I can wait

for my bank account to grow

And I don’t thing that I can wait

for my bank account to grow

I’m beginning to feel a little bankrupt

There’s no one left to blame

I should never have bought that Wii

Or that new MP3

Why do I so like to play this game?

I’m beginning to feel a little bankrupt

Soon I’ll start to yelp

But the thing that’ll stop my frown

Is if interest rates go down

Ben Bernanke help!

Ben Bernanke help!”


(my cousin wrote that one as his yearly parody)



i’ll fake it through the day with the help of Johnny Walker Red…

December 19, 2007

Ricky is home.  sweet home home home!! He is dozing now.  what am I doing?  well, I should be dozing off as well  (did I not learn when he was a really small child that  you sleep when the baby sleeps?) but instead I am trying to figure out how much Family Leave I have left.  with the exception of a few days when SMF took over care for Ricky, I have not been to work in almost a month.  I need to go back.  my sick/pto/vacation time is almost up.  however, with ricky having infections from his surgery, I can’t leave him in day care.   damned if I do, damned if I don’t. 


November 8, 2007




October 17, 2007

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Geek squad can suck it

October 8, 2007

I have been having some issues with my camera. Namely, it won’t freaking work. I have noticed recently that it burns through batteries like Lindsey Lohan going thorugh “rehabs”. It seemed to me that I would put a new pair of batteries in and instantly the batteries would die for no apparent reason. I know that digitals have a tendency to suck the living juice out of things, but putting in fresh, brand spanking new batteries and then having them be drained in half an hour? Yeah, something fishy about that.

Next, I would turn it on and it would shut off on it’s self. But it wouldn’t close the lens. The lens would stay open, but I wouldn’t be able to turn on or off the camera. So here I was with an exposed lens that I didn’t want to fuck up and a camera that wasn’t functioning.


Thank god when I bought the damn thing I also bought an extended warranty on it. Oh yes, this warranty even covers “baby drool.” Not that Ricky EVER chews on it but you never know. I took it into the local Best Buy last Tuesday to have the “geek Squad” check it out. Of course the bloody thing behaved it’s self. The only thing it didn’t do was reset the lens but even that was fixed with the miraculous NEW BATTERIES the guy put in.

“Here you go, you just need to make sure that there are batteries that are working in the camera.”

“but these were new batteries. I put them in before I came here.”

“maybe you got a dud set from…. Heh, radio shack”, he says to me condescendingly.

“so when it fails in 20 minutes should I come back and just ask for you?” I retort.

Flash forward to yesterday: at Fleet Week with Ricky. Not only does the camera get stuck open and the “batteries” fail, but also the LCD screen gets jacked so there is nothing but stripes on it. Motherfucker.

I go back to Best Buy today with Stan. A nice (and attractive) young man helps me out. His response? “wow… who told you it was the batteries?”

I point to the overweight zit guy that helped me on Tuesday. The young guy smirked. Turns out that’s the boss.

As we were leaving, I stop by the boss and say, “you should give that guy a raise. He figured out it wasn’t the batteries.”


my job at risk.

October 5, 2007

I hate him. I hate the mother fucker. hate hate hate.

who am I talking about? my “supervisor”. recently at my job it’s been a little cazy. craizer then you expect to tell you the truth. so, yes, I was a little pissed off when the boss calls me on my vacation and says, “umm… can I talk to you? can you come in?”

me, being the whipped idiot that I am, comes in. so we talk about this email the MF sent him. it’s a list saying that I am inept at my job, I screw up databases, I don’t use the correct abreavations and in general I am a fuck up and need to be fired because I am a fuck up.

hmmm… ok, thanks for the imput. My response? I am this guy’s total bitch where I do everything for him!! EVERYTHING!!! and so what if I use the abbrevation ptnr instead of ptr? so what if I put HX for history instead of Hs? what the fuck?!?!?!?! Guess what? I called my union rep.

today I went back in. with my union rep.

egg shells. egg shells baby.

Cops are here…. AGAIN.

October 3, 2007

I came home today from running around the city to find that the police were in the neighborhood, again. further more, it’s not just one police cruiser but maybe about five.

with their lights on.

and the street blocked off.

with crime tape.

oh shit.

Now my first thought is that psycho has called the cops and something really big has gone down. second thought is maybe psycho has been hit by a car. third thought? someone is dead. fourth? crap, don’t tell me I am going to have to go do the stupid crime scene crap because I AM ON VACATION. (these fear doubled when the officers recognized me and came over to say hello.)

However, there is a perk to my job: while no one could get any answers I simply just smiled and said, “man, am I wroking today?” to the officer. He cracked up and said that there was actually grendaes found in the haunted house as ricky calls it so the bomb squad was there taking them out. turns out, the guy who died in tht house was a big corpreal in the army a long time ago and had many guns etc. I smiled and went home.

I will bet you anything it’s going to be on the news tonight.

Still wish it was psycho getting evicted or something.

Damn genetics…..

October 2, 2007

I have this horrible feeling, which my doctor confirmed, that I have not been spared the gentic mishaps of my siblings. On thursday I head down to the audiology center at UCSF to have my hearing checked. Please note: my family has SEVERAL cases of Usher’s Syndrome. I thought, perhaps, I had been lucky and missed the genetic “oppsy daisy” of the disorder. However, my sight is gettng weaker, causing for new glassess being needed every 6 months or so and to tell you the truth, I have noticed I am asking people to repeat themeslves a lot.

of course, I could just be paranoid, espcially since I am losing my job (oh yes, I will get to that later.) but it would be quite difficult to adjust to something this severe this “late in life”. wow, I can’t believe I said late in life about being in my mid-30s. but I digress.

In reality, I am not really sure how I would be able to handle Ricky. I want to be able to teach him to play baseball and soccer. I want to watch him grow. I want to always hear that giggle he does.

So here is my question for the world: is it better to be blind? or deaf?