Secrets that could have been written by FCM

fear.jpgbloomwhite.jpg1i.jpgshit.jpgcompletely.jpglevatation.jpgAsecrets are stop.jpg2008.jpglight.jpgunforgivable.jpgestranged.jpgugly.jpggoodside.jpgfakingit.jpgugly.jpgsay.jpgcandlenotes2.jpgThe secret I relate to for the week.iphone.jpgHow true it is for me at least


One Response to “Secrets that could have been written by FCM”

  1. Darah Golub Says:

    wow! where did you find all this stuff!?!? I love it! I think my favorite is “I’m becoming tired of myself and the person I’ve become.” I feel I’ve heard it before, but where and who said it??
    Anyway, I love the tone of your blog! I work for Zohe Films in New York City and I would like to offer you some complimentary tickets to the new documentary series
    FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman when it plays in San Francisco next week. I couldn’t understand how to email you, so email me!? and we can chat more about that!!

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