Argonne Playground

Argonne Playground was at the top of the list for rebuilding because of its less-than-welcome celebrity as “one of the three worst playgrounds in the Bay Area” in terms of safety.  This was in the year 2000.  Since then SF passed a measure to replace and fix up playgrounds and I am happy to report that a couple of months ago, Argonne was reopened.

It’s lovely.  Ricky loves it.

There is a sand box with a play structure in it.  the structure is up to code and is of safe size and materials.  there are three slides, one small, one wide for two people to fit on and one that is a spiral.  you can hop up different levels, crawl through the bright yellow tube (Ricky’s favorite thing to do especially if Momma is following after him barking like a puppy dog!) cross a little wooden bridge and much more.  Also at this park is a lawn area with tree shade for sitting under.  I refer to that as stroller alley as this seems to be where all the moms and nannies park their strollers.

there are also swings for different ages.  the larger swings are popular with the “tween” age.  they are large, flat disks three kids can lay on and swing.  there are also baby swings for smaller children.  furthermore, there are basketball hoops and a grassy area to kick a ball about or practice batting.  the playground is a popular spot for kids of all ages.

the downside… recently there has been some graffiti tagging.  That’s up setting to me.  Also, and this is just my “middle aged pet peeve” but some of the words that come out of those “tween’s” mouths!!  Jesus!  I am not sure I want Ricky hearing it or his next few sentences will be “yo bitch, I hear you want it fucked in the ass hard mother fucker!” (not kidding)

I give this place three and a half bottles out of five.

Location: 18th Ave. between Anza and Geary Streets
Bus: #31 Balboa, 19th Ave. stop; #38 Geary, 17th Ave. stop


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