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Fleet Week is here!!!

October 9, 2008

For the past few (maybe six now?) weeks I have been studying for an exam for my test.  The national board exam to be exact.  Well, I can tell you that a monkey could pass the exam.  Yes, I passed.  Maybe now I will have time to blog more.

Today Rick and I played hooky from school and work.  We laid out in the sun at golden gate park and watched, for about three hours, the Blue Angels Practice over the city for this weekend’s fleet week here in SF.

My lord, it was LOUD!  And Rick loved every minute.  So this weekend we are going to the air shows at Fleet Week.  Fleet Week is always fun in SF.  Cool air shows, big boats, and military propaganda.  Yea!

I am off to bed.  All that studying made me sleepy.  Hahaha.