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Why my blog posts are few these days…

October 23, 2008

I got an email wondering where I am.  (Um, last time I check I was in Colma.)  I guess you can’t drop the marriage bombshell without a few explainations.

a few months ago I started dating my high school sweetheart again.  BH (which means better half but ironically are also his incials) and I have known each other since birth. Literally. We were neighbors and our moms went into labor 6 days apart from each other.

Anyway, we have been quietly seeing each other.  Of course the enveitable happened… I’m pregnant. Actually, I am about five and a half months pregnant. surprise! I am having… a baby.  Like with my little guy, I am not finding out the sex. I am due on Feb 20th.

So that is why my blog entries are few and far between.  between working, running after the older child (wow, i can say that now), moving (oh yeah, that too.), the computer being sent BACK IN FOR MORE REPAIRS and life in general I am just exhausted.

The computer is back

October 16, 2008

ok, last summer when I needed a computer, my sister’s firend sold me her macbook.  I can say that it has been wonderful to have.

However, Rick jammed his peanut butter sandwich in it after fleet week.  Fuckity fuck.  So after a week, I now have my computer back.

lesson: never let the three year old near the computer when cranky.

also, I have a little bit of a surprise: I got married yesterday.  City Hall, no big deal.  I think I will call the better half BH (get it?) Anyway, we have been dating for a bit and we got married.

And now, you may guess why so sudden. 🙂