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Dear Mr. Bush…

July 2, 2008

Hello Mr. Bush.   I just wanted to say thank you for my economic stimulous check.  the 900 bucks really came in handy.


We are a nation falling grossly in debt and making promises that we can’t keep.  gas prices have sky rocketed (I really hate filling my tank for 4.95 a gallon), we are in an endless war, and even freaking starbucks is closing stores because they can’t afford to keep them up.  STARBUCKS FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!

So, sir, with all do respect (and trust me, I am mustering what I can for you), why give everyone money?  It’s like giving us an allowance to go shopping to “stimulate” the economy?

Sir, I knew you were an idiot, but it’s amazing how dumb you really are.  my check?  it went to my rent.  As did everyone else’s I know.  We paid bills to try to cut back our debts that your “legacy” is leaving us.

So thanks for the rent money pops.