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The new job

September 7, 2008

Well, unemployment didn’t last too long for me (obviously) and it’s a good thing too.  i was going crazy at home filling out CV’s and making sure that my benefits were extended.

So where I am I going to be working now?  In colma.  where is colma?  it’s the small little “death town” in between Daly City and South San Francisco.  If you know the bay area then you know why I called it a death town.  the entire town’s money making market is in… funeral and cemeteries.  That’s right, the bulk amount of cemeteries in the bay area are in the city of Colma.  And I am going to be working at… a mortuary.

cue six feet under music.

I am not really sure what this is going to be like.  Usually, I am taking people apart, not putting together to make presentable.  and I have to take a licensing exam but that’s no problem as I have always excelled at exams. at least the commute from the Castro will not be so bad and Rick will still have his mom picking him up from school etc.  Best of all: no more graveyard shifts (pardon the pun)!!!